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PostSubject: THE RULES OF POKERJOKERZ   Thu Oct 28, 2010 3:39 am

At Pokerjokerz we aim to provide you with some fun and entertainment whilst playing poker.

However, like all forums, we require that you follow a few basic rules which ALL members are expected to abide by.

The list includes, but is not restricted to the following

1) Begging for money from other members is strictly prohibited. Anyone found to be begging will be banned instantly. This does include asking for a stake. Please don't promise people that you will win them money if they give you something to play with. If you were that good, you wouldnt be broke and needing the money in the first place.

2) Password leaking is not tolerated. We expect all members to use the passwords we provide for their own use. Anyone found passing on our passwords will be banned instantly. Likewise, we will ban anyone found to be leaking passwords to other forums private events. If you are found to be leaking passwords to other forums events, I will simply grass you up and use all the evidence I've got.

3) Harassing players in Pokerjokerz events ( whilst possibly understandable ) is frowned upon. Whilst general banter can be good for the game, abusive behaviour isnt. This does not however apply to Chemist who could test the patience of a saint...

4) Cheating on any poker site is not condoned or wanted on Pokerjokerz in any way shape or form. This includes collusion, shipping money over using illicit methods. Where members are found to be bypassing the rules of poker sites or colluding to try gain an advantage, we will actively report anyone found to be taking part in such actions.

5) Where members are posting videos or articles that have been created by others, then it is a requirement that you post the source and credit the author / publisher. Please do not copy and paste someones articles and pass them off as your own. If you feel a piece of work is worth spreading around make sure you say clearly who produced it, and where you found it. This would include a link to the relevant site.

6) Poker is an adult game, and therefore no one under the age of 18 is permitted to participate in any pokerjokerz events. Anyone found to be taking part who is under the age of 18 will have all rights to access the forum removed.

7) English is to be spoken at all times. This is inclusive of on the site and the chatroom. Anyone posting in any other language will have their posts deleted and a polite request sent. If for some reason you are unable to post in english then please contact a moderator. If you dont understand English and do not know what I am saying, then this rule is rendered completely pointless and you wont understand a word of it. For that reason we will just close your account. Harsh.. but thats the way it is.

8 ) No pornographic material to be posted on the forum unless its specifically been approved by a moderator. ie let us have a look first. If its good stuff we may let it in. If its just a picture of some ugly bird getting laid, theres every chance you will have to find something better.

9) Foul and abusive language should be kept to a minimum. This site is used by ladies who may not appreciate such language. If you use excessively bad language expect to be told to F**K OFF very quickly.

10) The mods are gods. And what they say goes. ( unless its BDDFC1308 then we all ignore him anyway because he's a miserable old git ). If they ask you to stop doing something, please.. just do it.

11) Spamming is not required. If you havent got anything to say worth mentioning, then kindly just keep quiet. There is nothing that upsets me more than some dopey muppet who just says "I agree" or "lol". You are about as worthless to the forum as "7 3 offsuit on a board of K K K K A". So please, if you need to get posts to take part in something, make it at least worthwhile.

12) My forum.. my rules... what I say goes.. You don't like it, then set up your own forum with your own rules.

13) If I am by some monumental error on my part, mistaken, then please refer to rule 12.

Thank you for your kind co-operation and enjoy your time at Pokerjokerz.
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