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 Really Fulltilt....Really???????

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Really Fulltilt....Really??????? Empty
PostSubject: Really Fulltilt....Really???????   Really Fulltilt....Really??????? I_icon_minitimeMon Jan 17, 2011 6:05 pm

if you would NOT like to read a rant by yet another pissed off player..then leave now!!!!! hahahahahahhaReally Fulltilt....Really??????? BiggrinReally Fulltilt....Really??????? BiggrinReally Fulltilt....Really??????? Biggrin

DUUUUUUUUDE!!! how many time have i see some clown take out pocket K's
or take flush/str8 draw with a feakin Ace with a low kicker. i have
watched stupid hands like A-4...A-2...A-7 take pots all the time!!! and

i get ace's... and KK9 falls...hahahha. i played a game, just today,
were i got 5 hands in a row that were...A-K, A-J(x2),A-Q(x2)....all in a
row...........think one freaking ace fell??????? NOT ONE!!!!!!!! 2 sets
of those ace's, i lost to pocket 3's!!!! pocket F'in 3's.... like do
you know what would happen if i would have pushed all-in pre-flop with
33... FTP would have dropped the other guy 5 Ace's!! hahaha. i lost the
other 2 to 99 & QQ....... last hand..one that took me out was A-J
suited vs K-10 offS....... flop....8-K-3. hahahah i was at 5k when i
started and out by the end of the 5 hands.... 5 freaking hand in a
row..all with good cards..not great cards, but my rant is on Ace's, not
hand quality..hahaha how is it that these guys can rock my pocket
-anything with A-2 offS and i cant hit one...ONE ACE in 5 hands, all in a
row man!!!!!!???? hahahah tooooooo funnnnnnny

i have lost 20 bucks in the last 2 days....and if FTP was taking me
right out, i wouldnt play anything that i had to put money into...but i
do good..sometimes very good...well untill the we get close to the
final-T. played one yesterday were i was doing the "yo-yo" routine!! 5k
up to 15k..back down to 3k...up to16k.......then 23k....down to
9k..hahaha at one point i was at 53k.. and then, out from there... i
battled for hours over this time period, and then in true FTP fasion, i
went out 10th. hahahha and for my own sanity i have to ask....what was
the point??why feed me the chips... when i was all in at 23k why not
just take me out?? why kick me up to 53k and then take me down till im
out??? everyone says..cause they need the players to keep going...ok but
why take 23k in chips from player 1 & pass them to me..when he is
chip leader and makes final-T anyways......????... hahaha why not just
give him my 23k, insted of dragging my along, through crappy hand after
crappy hand untill im out....right before final-T???????? like tell
me..can a computer program really play "mind Fck" with you....cause its
getting tough on my brain!!!!!!!! hahhhaha

i dont get it.... i just dont. i dont think i am a crappy player. i
learn new things everyday in this game. both online & live....but
when i play a comp. program that does and plays whatever "it" thinks
should be a winning hand... how do i bank on that?? i have seen ppl
crush games with thier Ace action...yet i cant hit 1 out of 5??? and
PLEASE...PLEASE dont tell me its bad luck...or the other guy was
luckier..... there is NO luck factor in online poker.. luck works on
your personal energy affectiong another type of energy in away that
bring fortune your way..... do you really think that ur personal energy
is affecting a computer server in who knows what state....or
country?????? no it isnt. trust me.......

i find it hard to keep playing, when faced with this garbage....and yet i still find myself here.

i have found some very cool ppl online, in diff forums, and made some
killer friends. it has been my honor to play with most of you...lol...
and i believe it is this fact that draws me back.

it is you....my friends...that i come to see............................................ not the cards.

cheers all,
WINNINGHAND79 Really Fulltilt....Really??????? Cool
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Really Fulltilt....Really??????? Empty
PostSubject: Re: Really Fulltilt....Really???????   Really Fulltilt....Really??????? I_icon_minitimeTue Jan 18, 2011 8:59 pm

You lost me at ".then leave now!!"

Why can't pocket 3s win when you need them to?

Luck is controlled by the energy of the universe or the machines,
either way there is nothing an individual can do to influence it,
although you can recognise its direction and beat it at its own game, until it changes direction again.

I am a mod and I am god
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Really Fulltilt....Really??????? Empty
PostSubject: Re: Really Fulltilt....Really???????   Really Fulltilt....Really??????? I_icon_minitimeTue Jan 18, 2011 11:49 pm


You're playing MTT's and SOMETIMES you do well, you say?
Well, that's exactly how it should be, the variance in the game will mean that you don't always win even with the best hand. All you can aim for is to win more than you lose in the long run
You can beat short term variance with good bankroll management..... and forget about FTP, they just deal the cards, they are not out to get you Very Happy


Good players blame themselves, Bad players blame everyone else, but the Great players accept that anything can happen and understand why.
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Really Fulltilt....Really??????? Empty
PostSubject: Re: Really Fulltilt....Really???????   Really Fulltilt....Really??????? I_icon_minitime

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Really Fulltilt....Really???????
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