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 Do ppl really play like this....???.....

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Do ppl really play like this....???..... Empty
PostSubject: Do ppl really play like this....???.....   Do ppl really play like this....???..... I_icon_minitimeTue Feb 22, 2011 9:41 am

i can understand ppl looking at a freeroll as a joke. 200-800-1200-9000
ppl for 25$, call and push with whatever they have. all-ins with any
& everything. sure why not, 8-4....9-2...what ever is good.......its
a freeroll....... i can, on some lvl, understand this.

but what i
cant understand, is when ppl do this in cash games...???... like is it
that they are rich and dont need what they will get out of the prize
money...and if thats it..why they playing such small buy-in lvls?? is it
that they just dont care...about what cards they play......i dont get
it...... there are those of us..in these low games trying to scrape up a
br out of this FTP madness. those of use that take these games for what they are....possible cash ups!! LOL

a cash KO game...would you push all in pre-flop with 22.....or 6-9
suited.......maybe 77 seems like a great all-in hand....??....

i am a bit pissed this morning..as i waited all night to play a game.....
woke up early and was ready to play. during the first few hands i fold
some very good cards. but this is a cash KO game, low field, so i wasnt
going to risk it with even desent hands. after awhile i catch a
KK......someone raises.....i reraise. everyone folds, this gent pushes
all-in. i think for a minute and think "ok KK...ill push." he calls and
shows a pocket pair much lower than even 10-10...................

so now...at what point did he think that he had a good enough hand to
reraise my raise..nvm to push all in. is it that he just didnt care
about the cash involved thin the game......or did he truely believe that
his hand would win??? did he really think that he had the better hand,
after i re-raised him?? there is no way..
other wise he has no idea
how to play poker or what a good hand even is........ i know this gent
and there is no way he could have seen that as a good hand... i hope he
was just sleepy and didnt mean to push....

but as FTP would have
it..in thier true FTP fasion, i did lose. my KK was taken by this other
less impressive hand. this gent gets to walk a way think about how good
of player he is..how he is a true poker player. insted of learning a
lesson about pushing all-in pre with pockets less than 10-10. if he
called and hit on flop..and pushed, i would understand that. but to
push-pre was a str8 donk move in my eyes. even if it hadnt been me in
the hand, i would have viewed it the same. and shook my head in
discussed at FTP's bs. LOL Smile

wut are these ppl learning about poker???

do they walk away from moves like that feeling good...feeling like a champ...or like chit for scewin the other guy??

yeah yeah no sorz in poker..i understand that...but when facing ppl of a same group..wouldnt you at least say crap nh man.... or some chit...

yeah im just ranting...just gettin a bit tiersome of all the donk
rewards handed out in FTP. insted of ppl learning how to play
poker..they learn how to call cards..thats it.....card players.....w/no
clue how to be a poker player

peace im outty.....
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Do ppl really play like this....???..... Empty
PostSubject: Re: Do ppl really play like this....???.....   Do ppl really play like this....???..... I_icon_minitimeWed Feb 23, 2011 5:21 pm

I know it was just a frustrated rant and you weren't really expecting an answer, but ...

The better question is why do people shove or call allin with AK or AQ suited or worse?
Don't they know they are already losing to 22 and have to get lucky and suck something out to win.

Because of these plays a smaller pair may think it is good against such hands, (and then cringe when it turns out to be a higher pair). (but still has 10% chance of a comeback before the river).

I am a mod and I am god
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Do ppl really play like this....???..... Empty
PostSubject: Re: Do ppl really play like this....???.....   Do ppl really play like this....???..... I_icon_minitimeThu Feb 24, 2011 9:09 am

For any serious analysis here, we need a hand history (please post Hand Histories whenever possible)

We can't tell anything about relative stack sizes - (villain may be committed ), or bet sizes - sometimes people slowplay their big hands like KK to induce action and then it doesn't go their way
We don't know what his hand is!
It is hard to even tell what game it is! - by cash KO game I think you may be referring to a real money tournament
Cash games (ring tables) and tournaments have very different dynamics

As chemist said I know it's just a rant, but understanding variance and coping with it, both psychologically and with your bankroll, is very important to being a winning player (It doesn't matter that you lost this one if you are going to win this scenario more times than you lose in the long run)

Now why do you keep mentioning FTP? (as if I didn't know)
If you TRULY believe they are cheating you, then continuing to play there is lunacy
Whether rant or serious question, give us the information we need (Hand History), and we will try to help


Good players blame themselves, Bad players blame everyone else, but the Great players accept that anything can happen and understand why.
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Do ppl really play like this....???..... Empty
PostSubject: Re: Do ppl really play like this....???.....   Do ppl really play like this....???..... I_icon_minitime

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Do ppl really play like this....???.....
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