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PostSubject: JUST SAYING GOOD-BYE ALL :(   Mon Mar 07, 2011 3:00 pm

Since I was a wee lad, playing poker in smokey basements, with my uncles & grandfather, I have loved this game.For an easy 20 yrs now, I have enjoyed every aspect of playing poker. Nothing quite like sitting in a room full of srangers...chips in one hand, cards in the other. The sound of chips being played with, and the mudderings of hand won and lost. Nothing like it in the world my friends.....proud to be a poker player!!

And then in the last yr I was introduced to online "poker". And never in my life have I seen such sickining things.I will not go off about donkey calls, or fighting the "program"..fight the system more than the payers. we all have see and fought with this over & over again. so I will not go off about it. I will say however, that I have never been so frustrated by anything in my life!!! Hell, being broke and damn near homeless was less stressful, then some of the games I have played here online.

I will not allow my family and/or friends see me like this anymore. I have holes in my wall right behind where my comp. screen sits....from it being punched off the desk. There are holes in the wall leading up the stairs.I feel powerless here. Powerless againts the cards I play & powerless against my own frustration. Niether my family or friends need to see me in this state of mind. I have spent hours in front of this screen, and have not pulled out anything even close to the amount of wasted time spent here. The loss of time spent away from & not with my kids & wife.

I never thought that I would say, "I never want to play poker again". but I have wispered & screamed this statement seveal times over the last few months. I have watched my br go up to a very stable lvl..back down to nothing...backup & down in 2 days span...like rinse & repeat!!!!!!!!!! I feel as tho there is a cap to where I am allowed to build up too, once I reach that lvl, I am pushed to the bottom again and have to start over.......

And yes I know..you all go through the same thing. I feel for all online "poker" players...... both good & bad.but I, myself, can no longer handel this BS. This isnt real poker anyways.haha and if anyone disagrees with this..go read the blog.... right in FTP forum, that states the cards change depending on what ppl at the table do......??Ok well,I can promise you right now folks, that in a live game, the deck doesnt re-shuffel itself if someone folds or bets big. The cards stay the same no matter what a player does. but FTP in there own forum state that, depending on what certain players do, has an effect on the out come of the cards.....???????.......right in thier own words,says it has nothing to do with skill, but more on moves made. plz dont get me wrong there is some very excellent online "poker" players, and they do have great skill, but in the end its all bingo...(FTP's own words)

and so I will stick to the live games.....I will not end my love for poker..but I will leave before online "poker"destroys my love for the actual game. I am removing myself from all "mod" jobs that I may hold. I am hereby saying good bye to all the great ppl I have met, both on the tables & in forums.I have gotten to know some very,very cool people. I am sorry, my friends, that I didnt take the time to come and say good bye to you all in person,but I dont want or need the "pep-talks" about how a break is good...and "you'll be ok again"...plz realize that I am truely sick of this and this will be the last time you all hear from me.

Take care my friends...good luck at the tables, and rape FTP everyfucking chance you get Smile

forever & never,

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PostSubject: Re: JUST SAYING GOOD-BYE ALL :(   Tue Mar 08, 2011 12:22 am

Glad to have met you mate and I wish you all the best in life. Take care.

I am a mod and I am god
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PostSubject: Re: JUST SAYING GOOD-BYE ALL :(   Tue Mar 08, 2011 1:03 pm

I don't want to seem unsympathetic here, but I am! - totally unsympathetic

If he had written that he is giving up online poker because he just doesn't enjoy it and he is going to stick to live games, I would have said good luck to you.

But he didn't. He chose instead, to leave, repeating someone else's half baked nonsense.
Apparently he has chosen to believe a view put forward in the full tilt forum which is not the view of Full Tilt Poker as he incorrectly states, but simply the ramblings of another rigtard.
(If he doesn't even understand the difference between Full Tilt Poker and the forum that carries their name then that goes some way to explaining why he can't understand the variance in the game)

There is a very good article in the Full Tilt Forum here - http://pokerforums.fulltiltpoker.com/online-poker-play28189.html, entitled 'Nearly every "RIGGED" theory debunked' - which was reposted from it's original source by a moderator at the forum who has been a member for over 6 years.

But he chose to go with the rigtard

Why he would choose to believe some un-informed dick above the overwhelming evidence to the contrary is beyond me. I can only think that it is easy to support the view that the site is rigged because it suits him to blame someone else when he loses. (we all lose races, even pros!)

Now I could just ignore this but I believe it would be wrong not to point out to other members here how wrong this post is!
So, to everyone who has read this I would say:-
The poker sites do a lot to ensure that they are fair.
The Random Number Generators that these sites use are just that, as near to random as is possible.
They are independently checked by third party auditors
The suggestion that the cards alter depending on previous cards and action is so dumb!!!!!! That would be cheating, but how could that be happening without anyone (including the authors of the software) knowing!

When holes have been found in previous systems it has been the case that the cheaters are privy to others players cards (and the patterns of those cheaters winning more than could be expected with random cards is exactly what drew them to the attention of those monitoring)

Read up on poker, learn about variance, and accept that it is part of the game, (just as Phil Ivey does when he goes out of WSOP on day one)
Losing sometimes is inevitable, all we can try to do is win more times than we lose

DON'T listen to the RIGTARDS they will fuck with your head

Good players blame themselves, Bad players blame everyone else, but the Great players accept that anything can happen and understand why.
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PostSubject: Re: JUST SAYING GOOD-BYE ALL :(   

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