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 Heads Up: Small Suited Connectors

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Pkr Kng 1248

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PostSubject: Heads Up: Small Suited Connectors   Sun Nov 14, 2010 7:53 pm

Okay, i am looking for a bit of advice about heads up play in a tournament.

What cards would i be looking to raise with? I've seen a lot of hu play on T.V. and from the looks of it they raise with most cards, usually not with junk like 27 off.

However, i do not play with the worlds best players on T.V.

I play with a bunch of 2-bit donks on pokerstars and full tilt.

I understand that playing cards like low suited connectors can be risky but can also have big payoffs if u hit.

Example: $2.20 sng HU, NLH,

blinds at 15/30 (1500 chips each) and i'm on big blind with 56 suited

Opponent raises to 100, do i call or fold knowing that if i miss on the flop it is almost ineveitable that i will be behind? (obviously i wouldn't raise)

I mean i have know idea of pot odds or anything or whether that even applies to this situation.

Because it is a micro stakes sng, opponent could be playing like a donkey preflop trying to hit something as well

Any help is greatly appreciated
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PostSubject: Re: Heads Up: Small Suited Connectors   Sun Nov 14, 2010 8:15 pm

Just re-read the original post and would offer this advice.

I would call with any suited connectors up to about 3 x BB. In HU games the SB will invariably raise with any pictures hoping to steal the blinds.

If you hit the flop big then you can take him to the cleaners, if you miss then simply lay it down.

What you need to be wary of is overpairs if you've hit top pair. A simple 1/4 sized pot bet should give you the info you need. If they call there is a good chance you are ahead but don't bet too heavy and be careful of drawing hands like open ended straight or flush draws. If they re-raise you then simply fold and look for a better spot.

HU play is very much about losing little pots and winning big ones. Try and minimise the pots you lose with, and extract the most out of pots you win with.

One theory that does sometimes work for me is to re-raise them a couple of times. Quite often they will raise just to steal. A re-raise will often force them into folding. This is especially useful if the player raises every pot pre flop. Just bide your time and suddenly fire back at him.

In HU games I am not overly worried about pre flop raises. If you let people walk all over you then they will carry on doing it. Just defend your blinds, and where possible fire back.

Against some players whom I've got notes on, I'll re-raise them the first couple of times they raise my BB. Simply to warn them off. If they want to take my BB they better have a damn good hand to do it with.
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David A Murphy

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PostSubject: Re: Heads Up: Small Suited Connectors   Thu Dec 16, 2010 12:15 am

Couldn't have said it better myself!

A great trap play against an all in blinds stealer wins me more HU matches than I can remember. When I hit a premium hand, especially from the SB, I'll simply call and wait for that all-in raise, and take it to em. Overly aggressive players in HU are what you want, regardless of what a lot of people say. Those players push all in on almost any high face / decent kicker. Works like a charm for me almost every time. I'd go more in depth but this Wii typing sucks balls. I'll detail more when I'm fully moved...
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PostSubject: Re: Heads Up: Small Suited Connectors   

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Heads Up: Small Suited Connectors
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